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Una Chica

My Crazy Life

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20 April 1973

The Definition of LooPy

I'm a blinkie addict :D

I Love Backgammon!

Kansas State Wildcats

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80s music, aim, air conditioning, amusement parks, avril lavigne, away messages, baseball, being outside, bowling, caffeine, caramel apples, caramel apple dip, carousels, cds, collages, collecting pens, collecting bookmarks, concerts, cotton candy, country music, cyndi lauper, dr. pepper, dreaming, driving, fast rides @ amusement parks, genuine people, haiku, having fun, hermit crabs, hgtv, honesty, hopeless romanticism, horses, hot topic, hugs, iced coffee, icees, interior design, jewel, key chains, kisses, kiwi, lip gloss, livejournal, lord of the rings, mood rings, office space, oranges, photography, pictures, playing frisbee, plums, poetry, postcards, pro-life, procrastinating, sarcasm, sheep, Sinead O'Connor, singing, singing in the shower, sleepless in seattle, slushees, snow, soccer, song lyrics, starburst, state fairs, subliminal messages, talking to myself, tetris, text messaging, thinking, thrift shops, thunderstorms, toy trains, trampolines, u2, walking in the rain, warm fuzzy socks, watermelon, x-files

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animated movies, apples, arts & crafts, backgammon, beef jerky, being ditzy, being loopy, being ornery, being silly, big brother, blankets, blogging, blowing bubbles, body glitter, c.s.i., calligraphy, cappuccino, cartoons, chatting, cheerios, cheesecake, childhood, chocolate, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, christmas, cloudy days, clowns, coffee, collecting, computers, crybaby, cuddling, daydreaming, diddl mouse, donuts, easter, ebay, every day, fairy tales, fajitas, fall, fear factor, flip flops, foreign languages, fruitloops, games, glitter, going to the movies, gone with the wind, goofing off, graphics, gum, halloween, hanging out with friends, harrison ford, heat lightening, helping others, hobos, holding hands, holidays, html, itialian food, johnny depp, jokes, journaling, kansas state university, kansas state wildcats, kissing, ksu, laffy taffy, laffy taffy jokes, laughing, lists, meeting new people, mel gibson, mexican food, mimes, money, mountain dew, movie soundtracks, movies, mp3s, multi-tasking, music, my cell phone, painting my toenails, paper clips, pasta, perfume, pillows, pizza, pretty woman, purses, quesadillas, rain storms, reading, rebel without a cause, recording tv shows, red licorice, reeces pb cups, reeces pieces, remote controls, rock candy, romance, romeo + juliet, saying hi, scooby doo, scotch tape, scrapping, sea monkeys, shirley temple, shooting stars, sitting indian style, skating, sleeping, sliding on slippery floors, slim jims, smiling, snickers, spanish, spring, sprinkles, star dust, star-gazing, stationary, stupid obsessions, sunny days, survivor, swimming, tacos, taking hot baths, taking pictures, talking, talking on the phone, telling jokes, the craft, the dark crystal, the internet, the little rascals, the neverending story, the smurfs, thrillers, tootsie rolls, true crime books, vanilla scents, waiting until tomorrow, warm feet, winnie the pooh, zoning out

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